Manila Escort Clara’s 3 Tier Hotel Recommendations in Makati

Manila Escort Clara’s 3 Tier Hotel Recommendations in Makati

Welcome to my handpicked selection of hotels that encapsulate the thrill and delight of Makati – my urban playground! As a seasoned independent Manila escort frequenting this lively city, I’ve unearthed a collection of exceptional accommodations, perfect for savoring the Makati experience.

From lavish extravagance to understated sophistication or the ultimate snug retreat, there’s a broad spectrum catering to every discerning traveler’s tastes. Prepare to plunge into a realm of serenity, unmatched service, and memory-making encounters as we navigate the crème de la crème of Makati hospitality. So, come with me, let’s revel in the exhilaration of exploring Makati, my playground, and uncover the finest hotels this vibrant city has to offer. It’s time to embark on our journey through Makati’s pleasure spots!

Opulence Tier

The Opulence Tier represents the pinnacle of luxury and indulgence. Hotels in this tier offer the finest accommodations, personalized services, and exquisite amenities. Guests can expect lavish suites, upscale dining experiences, spa facilities, exclusive access to clubs or lounges, and exceptional attention to detail. Opulence Tier hotels aim to provide a truly luxurious and opulent experience for discerning travelers seeking the utmost in elegance and sophistication.

Manila Escort Picks 1.1

New World Makati Hotel

A contemporary hotel conveniently located across Greenbelt, featuring stylish rooms, multiple dining options, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool.

Manila Escort Picks 1.2

The Peninsula Manila 

Situated at the corner of Ayala and Makati Avenue, this opulent five-star hotel is renowned for its elegant rooms and impeccable service.

Manila Escort Picks 1.3

Fairmont Makati

A sophisticated hotel connected to Greenbelt, featuring luxurious rooms, a spa, several restaurants and bars, and a swimming pool.

Manila Escort Picks 1.4

Raffles Makati

A prestigious hotel with spacious suites, exceptional dining options, and a tranquil spa.

Manila Escort Picks 1.5

Ascott Makati

Nestled atop the iconic Glorietta Mall within the Greenbelt complex, Ascott Makati is a luxury serviced residence with spacious rooms & modern amenities, providing a lavish retreat in the heart of Makati.

Manila Escort Picks 1.6

Dusit Thani Manila

Nestled along EDSA and in proximity to NAIA airport, this well-established hotel is a stone’s throw away from Glorietta and Greenbelt Mall. It offers elegant rooms, exquisite dining options, a spa, and a rooftop pool with panoramic city views.

Manila Escort Picks 1.7

Makati Diamond Hotel

A luxury serviced residence located across Ayala Malls Greenbelt offering spacious rooms, modern amenities, and access to a swimming pool and fitness center.

Manila Escort Picks 1.8

Discovery Primea

A well-established hotel adjacent to Ayala Malls Glorietta and Rustans offering elegant rooms, exquisite dining options, a spa, and a rooftop pool with panoramic city views.

Manila Escort Picks 1.9

I’M Hotel Makati

A stylish and contemporary hotel in the heart of Makati Poblacion, offering luxurious accommodations, an innovative spa and wellness concept, and a stunning rooftop bar with panoramic city views. Conveniently located near the iconic Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Makati, it provides easy access to upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

Elegance Tier

The Elegance Tier embodies a refined and sophisticated atmosphere. Hotels in this tier offer stylish and well-appointed rooms, attentive service, and a range of amenities designed to enhance guests’ comfort. Elegance Tier hotels often feature upscale dining options, well-equipped fitness centers or spas, and tasteful decor that creates an ambiance of sophistication and charm. These hotels cater to guests who appreciate a balance of elegance, comfort, and exceptional service.

Manila Escort Picks 2.1

Seda Residences Makati

A modern and upscale serviced residence along Ayala Avenue, Makati, providing spacious and well-appointed apartments with access to excellent amenities and personalized service.

Manila Escort Picks 2.2

Hotel Celeste

A charming boutique hotel in Makati, offering elegant rooms, a cozy ambiance, and personalized attention to create a memorable stay.

Manila Escort Picks 2.3

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

An artsy and stylish boutique hotel in Salcedo Village, Makati, showcasing art-inspired rooms, a gallery, and a range of amenities including a rooftop pool and restaurant for a unique and creative experience.

Manila Escort Picks 2.4

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

A comfortable hotel with modern rooms and convenient access to the shopping and dining mecca that is Ayala Malls Glorietta.

Manila Escort Picks 2.5

Element Boutique Hotel – Poblacion

This small and quaint boutique hotel in Makati Poblacion exudes an intimate ambiance. It features elegantly designed rooms and a French restaurant, all conveniently within walking distance from Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Makati.

Comfort Tier

The Comfort Tier focuses on providing a welcoming and cozy environment for guests. Hotels in this tier offer comfortable rooms, friendly service, and essential amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. While they may not offer the same level of luxury as higher tiers, Comfort Tier hotels prioritize convenience, affordability, and a warm atmosphere. Guests can expect well-maintained rooms, complimentary breakfast or dining options, and amenities like fitness centers or swimming pools that add to their overall comfort and relaxation.

Manila Escort Picks 3.1

Red Planet Amorsolo

A budget-friendly hotel in Makati, providing clean and comfortable rooms with essential amenities for a convenient stay.

Manila Escort Picks 3.2

Hotel Merlo

A privacy-oriented and affordable hotel in San Antonio Village, Makati, offering comfortable accommodations, friendly service, and a convenient location for both business and leisure travelers.

Manila Escort Picks 3.3

Privato Hotel Makati

A contemporary hotel in San Antonio Village, Makati, providing stylish rooms, modern amenities, and personalized service for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Manila Escort Picks 3.4

Solace Suites

A boutique hotel in San Antonio Village Makati, offering well-appointed rooms, a tranquil ambiance, and personalized hospitality for a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Manila Escort Picks 3.5

The Mini Suites – Eton Tower Makati

A modern and stylish hotel, offering compact yet well-equipped rooms in the heart of Ayala Center, Makati’s business district.

Manila Escort Picks 3.6

Hotel Ava Gil Puyat

A budget-friendly hotel in Makati, providing comfortable accommodations, basic amenities, and a convenient location near Gil Puyat Avenue for easy access to transportation and attractions.


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