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Are you the adventurous, charismatic and intelligent kind of person? Clara Vinzons is looking for the same qualities in her admirer. Born in Metro Manila and educated at the most prestigious schools exclusively for young women in Manila, Clara has a passion for fine dining, art, culture and travelling. If you think Clara sounds like your type of woman and would like to spend some time with her, then get verified and set an appointment now.


How can I meet Clara the Manila Escort?

Clara is one of the phenomenal and highly sought-after courtesans of Manila but she’s limited edition.

With Clara receiving dozens of messages on a daily basis, she can only entertain serious inquiries sent through her appointment form.


Time is finite but the list of things to do with it are infinite. Time. The ultimate reason why Clara is requiring compensation for spending time with you.

Short & Sweet

2 hours ……….₱10,500
3 hours ……….₱12,500
4 hours ……….₱15,500
6 hours ……….₱17,500
8 hours ……….₱19,500

Extended Edition

For the most memorable time, it is recommended you spend a blend of public and intimate private time with Clara on an extended date.

10 hours ……….₱24,500
12 hours ……….₱28,500
15 hours ……….₱34,500
24 hours ……….₱39,500
48 hours ……….₱69,500

Fly me to you

(Domestic Version)

To make this fantasy a reality, you shall sponsor travel costs such as transportation and accommodation on top of rates for Clara’s time.

2D1N ……….₱75,000
3D2N ……….₱100,000

Fly me to you

(International Version)

Clara is passport is stamped and ready. To make this fantasy a reality, you shall sponsor travel costs such as transportation and accommodation on top of rates for Clara’s time.

Reserved for preferred. Meet Clara at least once in Manila to unlock.

Social Dates

Coffee date, museum date, tasting menu for two? It’s up to you. Or you can let Clara craft an itinerary filled with fun, excitement and adventure.

Clara enjoys spending contact-free and public time with a beautiful soul.

2 hours ……….₱7,000
3 hours ……….₱10,000
4 hours ……….₱12,000
6 hours ……….₱15,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it take to spend time with a Manila escort like Clara for an outcall?

An Independent Manila escort can set any rate they deem commensurate for their time. As for Clara’s rates…please scroll up.

Why does Clara require a 2-hour minimum?

Due to The Circumstances™, one hour rates are no longer offered. The amount of time it takes a Manila escort like Clara to get ready for your date is beyond an hour. Add travel time to this equation, this means spending hours of preparation for an hour of company is not ideal.

Wait, what does “outcall” mean?

Outcall means Clara shows up at your hotel or residence.

As a Makati resident, Clara will say yes to outcalls in reputable accommodations within Makati (Ayala Center, Greenbelt or Poblacion) and BGC.

Other places not listed requires additional transportation fee and subject to availability and advanced notice.

Does Clara offer incalls?

Clara DOES NOT offer incalls.

Because of her life circumstance as a daytime entrepreneur and a bon vivant as well as personal preference, Clara could never offer to host you in an incall.


Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of meaning.


Open yourself to the majesty of beauty in pixels.

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Total acceptance of the possibilities is the key to joy.

If you have never experienced this evolution of the creative act, it can be difficult to dream.


It can be difficult to know where to begin.

Exploration requires knowledge.

But with extraordinary skills in following directions, an eye for details, perseverance, and a bit of luck, you should be able to roam this realm for all it has to offer.


You and I are starseeds of the galaxy. We must learn how to lead magical lives in the face of discontinuity. Curiosity is a constant. It is time to take potential to the next level.

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