Session Etiquette for Potential Admirers

Whether it’s your first time, or it’s been a while since your last entanglement, I’m giving you the 2022 edition of the proper etiquette for meeting me. While these are specific to my needs and preferences, in general, these are the minimum requirements for other Manila providers as well. 

It’s best to confirm and communicate with your provider.

Before contacting me:

1. Read my details – they exist for a reason.

Most online escort directories have a word count and I’ve taken time to craft a concise “About me” quip that captures your imagination and sense of wonder.

2. Do your own research

The vastness of the internet can be overwhelming. Your smartphone is the gateway to seemingly infinite knowledge. Use this to your advantage. If there are terms or alphabet soup of letters you’re not familiar with, this could be fixed by a Duck-duck-go search.

3. That’s all the photos I have

By being my own model and creative director, I relish in my 100% artistic freedom. I have carefully handpicked and painstakingly curated all the photos that will help you decide if I am the one for you. To see more photos of me, go to my Loyalfans.

4. My contact number is a privilege and not a right

Heavy is the head that wears the crown of being one of Manila’s sought after companions. With only 24 hours in a day, and the occurrence of a high volume of inquiries across accounts and devices, I simply must have assistance. If you want to be a priority, consider my virtual correspondence package.

Before our appointment

1. Email is my first line of communication

Email, handled by my assistant will be the primary method of communication. I’m using a privacy-first email provider called ProtonMail and this could mean my message could end up in your Spam folder. 

2. Why do I require deposits?

The non-refundable deposit amount I require is too small to put my reputation as Manila’s Finest at risk. Still, I require deposits to ensure the meeting of our stardust gracefully happens on our predetermined date and time. The complexity of the present time requires us to be mindful of the multiple roles we fulfill in this world. A deposit is a gentle reminder for this.

3. References are good, if you have them

Word-of-mouth is powerful. It’s a triple-win. It helps me and the companions you might meet in the future ascertain your authenticity as an admirer. 

4. Brevity is a sign of respect to our time and space

Do not let a long email exterminate the growth of your allure. I take delight when conversations and energies flow…in real life..

5. COVID-consciousness can only mean

You want to keep yourself and others safe. This is why I will ask for your vaccination ID.

6. Verification is the key to your authenticity

In an era of deep fakes, how can we distinguish ourselves from the artificial? Sincerity is the driver of trust. I have been authentic across different modes of media.. Your valid government-issued IDs and other verification modes are the keys to your proof of realness. 

During our appointment

1. The Envelope

A value exchange in my preferred fiat or cryptocurrency shall be discreetly presented within 5 minutes of my arrival.

2. Good Hygiene is in

Good hygiene is the interface between self-respect and gratitude for my presence. My olfactory senses are sensitive. I appreciate if you could utilize gently scented or fragrance-free products during our enmeshment.

3. Consent and boundaries

Are all about the constant affirmation and agreement of our earthly limits.

4. Punctual start and end times

Is a tender way of celebrating the crossing of our life paths

5. Protection from conception and complications

Are strictly required should we decide in an energy change.

6. The forbidden fruit of multimedia

A keepsake in the form of audio, video and photographic recording is excluded in any of the in-person experience I offer. Non-consensual harvesting of such media is malicious, unethical and unlawful.

7. A delightful encounter consists of

One free from surprise guests, consumption of excessive alcohol and illegal substances

8. Including a food interlude

On our unification consisting of 4 hours or more is encouraged and will be rewarded in kind.

9. A restful slumber

To revitalize the senses will do wonders for us; especially on an entanglement with a long duration.